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Stand out from the competition with window signage!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Have you ever heard someone say this about your business? “I didn’t know you were located there.” or “I didn’t know you offered that particular product or service.” Well, unfortunately at Vision Marketing we have heard those comments a little too often — more than we’d like to admit, especially since we are a marketing and printing company.

One of the strategies we recently implemented was to add window signage to the front of our building. Not only have the window graphics generated positive comments and attention from our current customers, they have also generated quote requests from potential new clients.

Here is a photo of what we did for the front of our building. Note: this same look — our branding — is on our business cards, brochures, tradeshow booth, and a number of other promotional pieces that we hand out.

We can provide clients with a number of different options for window signage. We went with what is called a window perf because one can see out from the inside as if there is nothing on the window (resulting in just a slight tint). The full color images are printed on a one-way see through adhesive material that is great for use as retail signage and on vehicle windows.

For more information on window graphics, check out this article entitled, “How Great Window Graphics Benefit One’s Business“. If you are already convinced of the benefits and would like to receive a quote today, give us a call at 434-316-0056. We look forward to helping you stand out from your competition!

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