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Magnetic Memo Boards Make For A Great Promotional Product!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Make a Big Impact on a Tight Budget!

A Purdue University study has shown that on average, a person opens the refrigerator 20 times a day. Sometimes, the trick to getting a customer’s business can be as simple as whose information is the most readily available. Memo boards give you exposure 24 hours a day, seven days a week in high traffic areas. If you promote your pizza restaurant on Vision Marketing, Inc.’s 8.5‚” x 11″ Full-color, Magnetic Memo Board your advertisement will be seen 7,300 times by one person in one year and 29,200 times by a family of four. Your customer’s fridge will become a permanent billboard for your restaurant.

These inexpensive, damp or dry erase memo boards command attention and will motivate your customer’s taste buds to order more pizza, more often. Just like the sign that hangs on the outside of your restaurant, Magnetic Memo Boards are effective marketing tools used to communicate your message to prospective and current customers.

Customers can use them in their kitchen to make a list of chores, errands or to remind them to order pizza for dinner. The best part is that your name and phone number is always there, and they will see it every time they walk by the fridge. Your advertising message will also be much larger than you competition’s business card size magnet! Not to mention, they have a high perceived value and last for years. To double the impact of your memo board promotion, add your menu on the front or back to increase pick-up and delivery sales, making it easy for your customers to order exactly what they want from the convenience of their home.

This highly visible marketing piece is also a big winner among local businesses. Memo boards are ideal in break rooms at offices. Secretaries love them because they can leave notes reminding the office staff of important meetings and messages. They can also use them on their filing cabinets as a reminder center, reducing the number of fly-away post-it notes. Then your restaurant’s name, menu and phone number will be there when they get ready to order lunch for the office or line-up a caterer for their next party or event.

The memo boards are also a great tool to capture your local college market. College kids love free stuff and one of the first things on a student’s shopping list is a memo board for their dorm room. Why not be the provider of these memo boards and advertise your business in every dorm room on campus?

You can sponsor your own memo board or partner with other advertisers and make arrangements with the college to distribute them to students on move-in day or in their orientation packets. Contact the college or university’s Residence Life Office or Student Life Office and tell them you want to provide free memo boards to the students. Find out how many dorm rooms are on campus and provide one per room or one per student. To further entice the school to allow you the opportunity, you can offer to imprint the school’s logo on the boards. If a student is not familiar with the area, they will remember your name and call you first when they want pizza. This is also a very effective way to promote any student specials or discounts you may offer.

Whether you pass them out to customers, local businesses, or to college students full color memo boards make a big impact on a tight budget. For more information and a FREE sample, call Vision Marketing, Inc. at 1-877-563-5654 or visit

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