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Win-Win Fundraising with Peel-A-Deal® Coupon Cards

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

How many times a year are you approached by a school, church, youth sports association or other fundraising group wanting money for this or that? Community involvement is a necessary part of running a successful business, but is there a way you can do it that is both hassle-free and profitable? Yes, there is!

The answer is Peel-A-Deal®, a unique fundraiser peel off coupon card. The cards give pizzerias an opportunity to partner with local schools and non-profit organizations while increasing pizza sales and customer loyalty. The idea behind these cards is simple. The pizzeria purchases their custom designed cards from Peel-a-Deal (Vision Marketing, Inc.) and either sells or gives them to schools, churches, soccer teams and other groups in their area, who then turn around and sell them for a fee.

Peel-A-Deal® cards are typically sold to schools and groups on a 2-3 week consignment basis. For example, if a school gets 500 cards and each child participating sells five cards for $10, the profit is $5,000. If the pizzeria charges four dollars per card and gives the school the other six, the profit for the school is $3,000 and the pizzeria gets $2,000. Schools love this program because they can raise a lot of money in a short amount of time with no risk, as they return unsold cards to the pizzeria. Pizzerias love this program because they make money on every card sold and the coupons redeemed, and establish new loyal customers. The card is used by the customer as a savings card, and pays for itself after a few uses. The savings coupons are on the back and customers peel them off and turn them in with their purchase. The coupons have an adhesive back and can stick right on a cash register receipt, thus providing easy coupon redemption and tracking for the pizzeria.

Many pizza franchises have significantly increased their sales while supporting their local communities by offering their own Peel-A-Deal® pizza fundraising program. They advertise this program on their box toppers, table toppers, at the register, and in local advertisements. One pizza franchise sold 11,000 cards in less than six months, earning them a prepaid income of $55,000 (at a profit of five dollars per card).

This is also a good idea for smaller pizzeria owners who are asked for donations of products and money repeatedly each year. By implementing a Peel-A-Deal® fundraising card program, these requests can be met and it can be a win-win for everyone.

The company offering Peel-A-Deal®, Vision Marketing, Inc., can supply you with all the tools to start and run a successful fundraising program. They will help you design a customized card for your pizzeria and consult with you on how to market it to nonprofit groups in your area.

For more information on Peel-A-Deal®, visit or contact Vision Marketing, Inc. at 877-563-5654.

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