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Basic SEO Checklist

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Basic SEO Guidelines

Expectations: The Importance of SEO

At Vision, we understand the need for effective Search Engine Optimization. As a result, we now implement a set of basic SEO guidelines when creating a website for our clients. These features are essentially the fundamental technical methods of making sure that your website is as visible as possible. The biggest contributor to your visibility is traffic, and of course, more traffic results from higher visibility. Because of this, you may want to explore methods of marketing your website locally and utilitizing the growing popularity of social network marketing to boost your website’s rankings.

The Basic SEO Guidelines (in order of importance)

Keyword Rich Page-Title: Your page title should be about 7-10 words and include keywords or a keyword phrase. For example: “Lynchburg, VA Professional Web Design, SEO Guidelines & Expectations”.

Content / Keyword Density: We like to keep your pages between 250-500 words and around 10% of that should be devoted to keywords and keyword phrases. Repeating these keywords and phrases will increase your visibility but overuse can tarnish credibility. All content should be relevant.

Headings: On your site, we will create relevant headings such as the one atop this page and before each paragraph. Use proper heading containers such as <h1>, <h2>, etc.

Links: Each page of your site should have links to other pages within the site (no dead ends) and the home page of your site should contain a link to a sitemap that links to each page you want to be searchable. Link anchor text should be descriptive of the target content. For example: Click Here For Basic SEO Guidelines as opposed to: Click Here for Basic SEO Guidelines. Maintain as few external links as possible, only include links that increase the utility of your site. Ads: The fewer the ads, the better.

None is best.

What about Domain Names?

Of course, most companies will want their domain name to be that of their company. This is important. It’s not always possible. When your company name is not available as a domain, or is only available with a modification that may be “unguessable”, consider using a domain name that is comprised of your keywords.

What about Meta Tags?

Modern search engine no longer use meta keyword tags when indexing or ranking results. In fact, the use of meta tags can in some cases be considered abusive and harm your visibility. We do not recommend nor discourage the use of keyword tags.

What about Alexa?

Alexa is a website ranking service that collects and reports traffic data from users who have installed the Alexa toolbar. Your ranking with Alexa is usually the result of good SEO practice, not vice-versa. Google and other websites do not incorporate 3rd party rankings in their own algorithms.

What about linkbacks? Social Network Marketing?

We can provide you with information regarding these topics, give us a call now!

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